PINE HILL HAINTS- "Black Casket" 7" EP


PITY PARTY- "Do A Little Dance" 7" EP


Japan import! Snuffy Smiles Records! "THE PINE HILL HAINTS by each of the three songs is Japan tour scheduled for this year in November. Tokyo Garage Punk sound that was influenced by the 90s TRASH GARAGE and 70s Punk."
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Japan import! Snuffy Smiles Records! THE PINE HILL HAINTS by each of the three songs is Japan tour scheduled for this year in November. Tokyo Garage Punk sound that was influenced by the 90s TRASH GARAGE and 70s Punk. In particular it was great bands influence DMZ, LYERS, SWINGIN 'NECKBREAKERS, MUMMIES and DEVIL DOGS, FLAKES, TEENGENERATE, such as EVIL HOODOO. Tend located in the '60s teenager garage band of, slapstick sense, looks of Shobo is, insistence point also the name of the band of principled for cover. Activities at the center of Tokyo in the current member from 2005. While starring in a variety of garage / punk of events, including the Back From The Grave, held a voluntary planning "TEENAGE SHUTDOWN !!" irregularly. And invite domestic and foreign garage band. Also support The PRETTY THINGS, FLAMIN 'GROOVIES, THE BOYS, BARRACUDAS, PAUL COLIN'S BEAT, A-BONES, THE MUMMIES, STEMS, the Japan tour, such as CANNIBALS as a front act, to accompany the Japan tour of 2008 THE WOGGLES. 2011 or shine the American east coast tour with the JACKIE & The CEDRICS in years. LYERS, REIGNIN SOUND such as a co-star. After returning home, we released the 1st LP from Ohio DEADBEAT Records. Also in the wake of the live in Boston, as a backing band of the 2012 Monoman (DMZ, LYERS), held a Japan tour to play a number of the DMZ / Lyres. Then resurrected after a rest period of less than a year. 2013 The Russell Quan (MUMMIES, THE FLAKES etc.) do the United States west coast tour for the second time by the support of. After returning home, he released a Split 7 "with Spain of The SMOGGERS than NY of CHICKPEA Recors. 2014, 7inch released from the Swedish label. [THE PINE HILL ​​HAINTS] The HAINTS began many years ago. and members I was met through skateboarding. In our home town in. Alabama you play music to enjoy if it has home-party invited tour band, had been playing there we also invited to Though he was not to say that decent band from the beginning. So, said that the Well skateboard gave birth accidental product. Members live in the north Alabama Florence and Huntsville. We liked the JOHNNY CASH and BO DIDDLEY It was. And, merely something RAW, most Irish music like something was wantedthe PUNK ones in PRIMITIVE .The DUBLINERS and The POGUES also liked. of early release on a small scale It was simple, and the tour was also adapted to. The first time two of the members were often it because there was also a member of THIS BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB with them. are we this The bands are considered to be something like a skateboard, stairs and the required of the skateboard as it enjoy with friends, park benches and corners, so the stage is to someone and can session .The HAINTS useless, prepared anywhere Te However Buchikamasu, dictates of the heart, while required by the emotion. It does not say that real instruments Most of the instruments we can use. We can not be said to be the best player I play the fiddle and banjo and guitar. However, only do the only thing could do. Members are doing also all other punk bands. Some are listed and The PORCHARITAS / The WEDNESDAYS / RISE UP HOWLIN 'WEREWOLF / The QUADRAJETS / The PEEPS / The ZERO HEROES / ​​The COUNTER CLOCK WISE / The DIVINE 6/7 ... and so on. We MODEST MOUSE, BECK, KIMYA DAWSON, has a contract with K Records of the famous Olympia, WA, etc. BEAT HAPPENING.