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BRATMOBILE- "Pottymouth" LP (Pink)

Along with Bikini Kill, Bratmobile spearheaded the riot grrrl revolution of the early 1990s, battling the long-standing dominance of men within the punk rock community to help empower a new generation of female musicians and fans. Comprised of singer Allison Wolfe, guitarist Erin Smith and drummer Molly Neuman, Bratmobile made their debut at 1991's International Pop Underground convention; after a handful of singles - with members spread out between California, Washington and Maryland, recording was a logistical nightmare - the trio finally released "Pottymouth" in 1993. Now available again on PINK colored vinyl! LP includes complimentary download code of album and three additional tracks. Kill Rock Stars.
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BRATMOBILE- "Pottymouth" LP (Pink)