POTATOMEN, THE- "All My Yesterdays" 12"EP


COST, THE- "Chimera" LP

HECTOR'S PETS- "Pet-O-Feelia" LP

Brooklyn, NY garage/punk rock! "Gorgeous, elaborate background vocals and vocal harmonies weave in and out of these songs. It’s the sort of thing that you hear and you wish you could isolate it from the rest of the music so you could inspect it and figure out how it works. But it’s better that you can’t, because it’s magically wed to these tunes to create a whole that’s wholly unlike anything else at the record stores these days. To cheapen it with a comparison to other bands, Hector’s Pets is kind of like the Beach Boys (Wild Honey-era, particularly) if the Wilson bros had taken faster drugs and listened to the MC5. Except with more sweet songs about station wagons." -Razorcake. Oops Baby Records. Out of print, 1 copy!
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HECTOR'S PETS- "Pet-O-Feelia" LP