LUNGFISH- "Love Is Love" LP (Red)


BRANDTSON- "Fallen Star Collection: Deluxe Edition" 2XLP (Sea Glass)

HUMMIN' BIRD- "Underneath Scum Light" LP

"Coming from a small storage space in Tulsa OK, Hummin' Bird gives you twangy punk rock fueled by cheap beer and truck stop food. Breaded and crucifried with welts from the bible belt, they’d rather slam Busch heavies in some rank basement on the road than stagnate in the oppressive heat of familiarity where “bless your heart” doesn’t really mean what you think." (self-released) For fans of Jean Claude Jam Band, Replacements, Get Bent, Spraynard if they were on drugs, Lucero when they were good for a minute & more. Think ruling poppy rock & roll punk with drunken country twang. Certified ripper right here!
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HUMMIN' BIRD- "Underneath Scum Light" LP