LATE BLOOMER- "Another One Again" LP (Mint Green)


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LATE BLOOMER- "Another One Again" LP

North Carolina, USA alt-indie rockers fourth album & some of their finest to date. On "Another One Again", Late Bloomer channels their “loud, confrontational force” into a more calculated direction, landing somewhere between the sprawling Magnolia Electric Company, the fuzzy alt-rock of Superdrag, and the subdued harmony of Mojave 3. The result is an enormous leap forward for the Charlotte-based indie rock band, following previous efforts Waiting (2018) and Things Change (2014) with the band’s catchiest, biggest, and most cohesive record yet. Bassist Josh Robbins, guitarist Neil Mauney and drummer Scott Wishart tackle familiar themes like forgiveness, depression, and religion, illustrated by earworms like the enormous opener “Self Control,” power pop ripper “Birthday,” and the haunting “Mother Mary.” Recorded by Greg Elkins (American Aquarium, Confessor) and mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Pixies). The tracks were then mastered by Carl Saff (Cheekface, Fu Manchu, Protomartyr). The album introduces longtime collaborator Jarad Rogers (Nerve Endings) on additional guitar, and also features guests including pedal steel guitarist Wes Hamilton (Pullman Strike), acoustic guitar & dobro by Stephen Pierce (Ampere, Kindling, Gold Dust) and vocalists Sarah Blumenthal (Alright, Faye, Quad), Elise Okusami (Oceanator) and Rob Pennington (Jupiter Hearts, By the Grace of God, Endpoint). Out March 1, 2024 via Dead Broke & Self Aware Records. Black vinyl version.
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LATE BLOOMER- "Another One Again" LP