UPSIDE DOWNERS- "Rockin' at Golden Bull" 10" (Green)


PINHEAD GUNPOWDER- "Shoot The Moon" LP (Clear Blue)

PINHEAD GUNPOWDER- "Goodbye Ellston Avenue" LP (Blue)

The third album by Pinhead Gunpowder. What began as a recording project had become an enduring band, and this 1997 release is proof. The members brought the sounds of their other groups—Redmond Shooting Stars, Uranium 9 Volt, The Big Cats, and Green Day—but joined together to make something new and unique. Originally released on Lookout Records, this thirteen-song LP has been recut at 45 RPM and comes on limited exclusive BLUE color vinyl! 1234-Go! Records.
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PINHEAD GUNPOWDER- "Goodbye Ellston Avenue" LP